Surveillance | Our lives are silently entangled in surveillance both private and from the state, online and offline. Most often, it is invisible, convenient or reassuring even. If you do not scratch the surface, you may not acknowledge the fact that it means that we are constantly under scrutiny even while doing a research on a computer, even while running errands. With his work, Benjamin Gaulon unveils the depth of ...the surveillance we are subjected to in a poetic and subversive way.

He followed the exponential development of CCTV and allowed passersby and workshop participants to realize that their every move is recorded with no consent and little overview. Footage that can be accessed very easily.

When the autocomplete function in the search toolbar could be seen as accidental poetry, it is far from random. Built on our research history it is an intimate dive in what we and others are looking for. But Faceglitch stands like a reversible tool that reclaims privacy and anonymity for citizens and exposes that anonymity can be synonymous with immunity when granted to people who have authority.