Teaching | Empowerment and sharing is at the center of the hacking and making culture that defines Recyclism. In this spirit, Benjamin Gaulon collaborates with other artists, hackers, makers, or anyone who is interested in exploring and corrupting the inner working of hardware and software. In workshops, through making, theory and practice, he teaches how to develop a critical eye on digital culture and technology by turning inside out ... devices, computers, marketing strategies, images and videos. The gutting and the fooling around lead to the creation of a new media. In a safe, collaborative, and inclusive environment participants find their own take on social and environmental impacts of the digital culture and act on it.

As workshop categories may suggest, they are a direct and logical extension of Benjamin Gaulon’s art, activism, cultural production, and theoretical work. At some point, with the Recyclism Hacklab the school and exhibition space became a natural evolution from the hacker workshop, a place where you create, share, experiment, teach and learn.

NØ SCHOOL NEVERS takes things a step further. Every year for two weeks, a small group of participants have the opportunity to follow a unique intensive curriculum, mixing theory and practice, research and making, led by an international panel of artists, designers, critical makers and theorists.