Disobedient Electronic Workshop

Tactical Media
Electronic Design
Retail Poisoning

The Disobedient Electronics workshop, based of Garnet Hertz’s Call and Book, invites participants to create confrontational work that disobey conventions. 

The work (or ideas for projects) must incorporate electronics or electricity in some way in a physical thing, with an emphasis on product prototypes, interactive sculptures, or activist-oriented electronics. This might include critical design, tactical media, adversarial design, hacker tools, participatory design prototypes, maker space projects, pranks, physical computing, contestational robotics, agitprop, the blatantly illegal, culture jamming, objects used in civic disobedience, or something you’ve been working on in your bedroom. The work does not need to be technologically sophisticated.

Topics might include the wage gap between women and men, the objectification of women's bodies, gender stereotypes, wearable electronics as a form of protest, robotic forms of protest, counter-government-surveillance and privacy tools, and devices designed to improve an understanding of climate change.

Dasha Ilina
T = a + b log2 (1+D/W)


Ice Baibolov
Kris Madden
Ni Hao, My Ass


Youchun Zhang
The Surrender of Privacy

Haley Mittelstaedt
I fixed your button