online digital data recycling center

Digitalrecycling is a web based project created between 2001 and 2002.

Digitalrecycling is a tool created to promote and facilitate the concept of remix / sampling to various art forms (video, graphic design, writing, etc...), by (re)using and remixing the digital trash of others: unwanted data.

How it works?

User can upload digital waste.

Files are sorted by type (like a recycling factory separates waste).

Users can upload and download digital waste to the dump section.

Users can upload and download remixed works in the recycled artwork section. 

Serve as a resource center as well as a publishing platform.


Create a community: The Social media of digital garbage remixers...

Explore Database as way to tell a story (ref. Lev Manovich: Database as a Symbolic form)

Exploration of Media Archaeology.

Reflect on future and conservation of digital data.

A way to engage critically with copyright by exploring with file sharing as an art form.

So before emptying your trash bin, consider sharing.