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Online Data Corruption Software
Databending made with Proce55ing

Corrupt Jpg data corruption software

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Corrupt.processing &

Corrupt™ is a web based Glitch Art Software allowing its user to upload and share corrupted images on

Corrupt™ was first built with Proce55ing (2004). The corruption process starts by reading the binary code of an image file [JPG or GIF]; then arbitrary bytes are swapped [the number of replacements is a random value from 1 to 20]. The file is then "saved as" a new document. Depending on the number of replacements and the original compression, the file will have a completely different and unpredictable image or aesthetic.

So from a single image, the program can generate millions of corrupted versions. Because it literally corrupts the binary code of the file, some of the results are so damaged that they are actually rendered unviewable. The project is now available online for anyone who wants to corrupt a JPG image.

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Download Corrupt Project by recyclism (я) | - Web based Data Corruption Software DOWNLOAD

You can download Corrupt and run it on your own Server by clicking on the link below.

NOTE: I DO NOT OFFER SUPPORT TO SET UP CORRUPT on your server. I leave up to you to set up (it's nothing complicated), simply upload the corrupt folder and allow the image folder to be written (chmod 755 images/).

I do not take any responsibility for vulnerability that your web server may occur by allowing php upload and I do not take any responsibility for any virus or malware you may get once you let people use it.

Feel free to update, modify and share corrupt with as many people as possible, however make sure you follow the terms and conditions sated in the license (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported)

I'd also appreciate to know about CORRUPT pages out there and would like to link them from my website so feel free to send me a link to your page using this link

Download and Install your own Corrupt App here ↓

People hosting / modding corrupt:
Python Version by

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(я) | Corrupt.processing - Data Corruption Software DOWNLOAD Download Corrupt Project by recyclism

Download the Processing Version of Corrupt. You can load any file type (but it works better with JPG and PNG), you can change the number of images generated, the number of replacements (affecting the Corruption Level), you can adjust the replacements position.

Feel free to update, modify and share corrupt with as many people as possible.
Download Corrupt Image .PDE here ↓
Download Corrupt Image Sequence .PDE here ↓

movie (я) | Corrupt - The Movie (extract) - Full version 1:11:45min

movie (я) | Corrupt - data corruption software

image (я) | Corrupt - data corruption software

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corrupt project gallery setup

corruption process (я) | Sarkorrupt

sarkozy corrupt

corruption process (я) | Chiracorrupt

chirac corrupt

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